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Access Control Kits for Huntsville, TX

Huntsville, TX securing doors at your location and adding a single door or hundreds of doors to your existing or dedicated network infrastructure is simple with our access control door kits. Our simple-to-install access control kits come equipped with various options and are outfitted with the latest features and capabilities to meet the needs of your security application. The door-add kits work seamlessly with your access control system and simplify installation at the door-accommodating single door installations and large enterprise installations with hundreds of doors at multi-site locations. Need help determining which door kit is right for your application? Call Anthem Technology at 888-463-8813 and we'll assist you with the selection process to make it easier for you.



infinias Intelli-M Single Door Add Kit with HID Prox Reader


infinias Intelli-M Single Door Add Kit with HID Prox Reader, Door Strike and Sensors


infinias Access Control Demo Kit